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Nobody else does this. Most only do occasional weekends.


bbc america - CHANNEL 135

Tue, 01/19/16 – Sun, 02/28/16

Always available in America's Top 200

With a roboust line-up of drama, sci-fi, comedy, movies, and natural history, BBC AMERICA is home to ground-breaking originals and the best in British content, featuring shows with passionate fan bases like Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and Top Gear.


science – Channel 193

Thu, 02/04/16 – Tue, 03/01/16

Always available in America's Top 200, Smart Pack

Science Channel immerses viewers in the incredible possibilities of science, from string theory and futuristic cities to accidental discoveries and outrageous inventions. We take things apart, peer inside, and put things together in new and unexpected ways. We celebrate the trials, errors, and brinking moments that change our lives forever.


gac - CHANNEL 165

Thu, 02/04/16 – Tue, 03/01/16

Always available in America's Top 250, Smart Pack

From the Pacific northwest to the unexplored southeast and everywhere in between, Great American Country is revving the engine for a coast-to-coast road trip where off-roadin' and chasin' the unknown are part of the adventure. Ride with GAC's new original series like Flippin' RVs, Flea Market Flip hosted by Lara Spencer, Off the Map with Shannen & Holly, RV Nation, and more.


Pixl – Channel 388

Thu, 02/04/16 – Tue, 03/01/16

Always available in DISH Movie Pack, Heartland Pack

PixL is the only 100% commercial-free HD premium movie channel dedicated to viewers who are simply looking for clean, top-rated Hollywood movies & series. PixL programming is driven by an ongoing slate of original productions premiering every month for the 1st time anywhere -- romantic comedies, love stories, dramas, and adventure, featuring the world's biggest stars.