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DISH Perks

Only DISH offers exclusive extras, including month-long free previews, DISH Anywhere and more to every customer at no added cost! Check out what we have in store for you this month.


New This Month

Free Channel Previews

Nobody else does this. Most only do occasional weekends.

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free previews for July

TV Shows and Movies On Demand

Similar to Netflix, but at no additional cost. Watch on your phone, tablet and computer through DISH Anywhere and on your HD DVR when it’s connected to broadband.

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Exclusive Content on DISH Studio Channel 102

Enjoy commercial-free movies, full-length shows, concerts, behind the scenes footage and interviews.

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DISH Studio Movie Night

New Channels

DISH strives to provide the best programming for its customers. Check back periodically to see the great new channels being added!

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Smithsonian Channel

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