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Cricket on DISH

Watch more LIVE cricket on DISH than anywhere else in the US – year round! Whether you're a fan of India, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, or anywhere else, tune into Willow TV to watch all your favorite teams battle their rivals in the best of domestic and international cricket, including the world's biggest cricket tournaments, like the ICC Men's T20 World Cup.

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Willow Cricket HD

Willow Cricket HD is the premium 24x7 HD cricket channel in the United States, with exclusive coverage of home domestic and international cricket from the top ranked cricketing nations in the world. Willow carries 24x7 exclusive coverage of cricket played in India, Australia, South Africa and England amongst others, including coverage of the Indian Premier League.

Channel 712 | Price: $14.99/mo

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ICC Men's T20 World Cup

Check the schedule below for upcoming matches:*

Date Time (ET) Matches
October 22 3:00 AM Australia vs New Zealand
October 22 7:00 AM England vs Afghanistan
October 23 12:00 AM TBD vs TBD
October 23 4:00 AM India vs Pakistan
October 24 12:00 AM Bangladesh vs TBD
October 24 4:00 AM South Africa vs TBD
October 25 7:00 AM Australia vs TBD
October 26 12:00 AM England vs TBD
October 26 4:00 AM New Zealand vs Afghanistan
October 26 8:00 PM South Africa vs Bangladesh
October 27 3:00 AM India vs TBD
October 27 7:00 AM Pakistan vs TBD
October 28 12:00 AM Afghanistan vs TBD
October 28 4:00 AM England vs Australia
October 29 4:00 AM New Zealand vs TBD
October 29 11:00 PM Bangladesh vs TBD
October 30 3:00 AM Pakistan vs TBD
October 30 7:00 AM India vs South Africa
October 31 4:00 AM Australia vs TBD
November 1 12:00 AM Afghanistan vs TBD
November 1 4:00 AM England vs New Zealand
November 2 12:00 AM TBD vs TBD
November 2 4:00 AM India vs Bangladesh
November 3 4:00 AM Pakistan vs South Africa
November 4 12:00 AM New Zealand vs TBD
November 4 4:00 AM Australia vs Afghanistan
November 5 4:00 AM England vs TBD
November 5 8:00 PM South Africa vs TBD
November 6 12:00 AM Pakistan vs Bangladesh
November 6 4:00 AM India vs TBD
November 9 4:00 AM TBD vs TBD
November 10 4:00 AM TBD vs TBD
November 13 4:00 AM TBD vs TBD

* All match information is subject to change