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Get access to basketball games and watch all the action. NBA LEAGUE PASS takes you courtside with up to 40 live games from around the league every week. Follow your favorite team, player or match-up from outside your local viewing area.

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NBA Regular Season, out-of-market games only. NBA League Pass is non-refundable, non-pro-ratable and non-transferable once the season begins, and automatically renews each year unless you call to cancel prior to the start of the season. Restrictions may apply to availability. Games subject to local blackout. Games in high definition require HD television and HD receiver; fee may apply to upgrade. Subject to change without notice.


Channels 5000-5061, Hopper® Channel 470

NBA LEAGUE PASS takes you courtside with up to 40 live games from around the league every week. Follow your favorite team, player or match-up from outside your local viewing area. Also included is NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband and NBA LEAGUE PASS Mobile, giving you the most NBA action anywhere.

Package includes:

  • 40 live games from around the league
  • Match-ups from outside your local viewing area
  • Access to NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband and Mobile

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Date Time (ET) SD Channel HD Channel Hopper Channel Teams
2/017:30 PM50025003470.02Raptors at Celtics
2/017:30 PM50045005470.03Knicks at Nets
2/017:30 PM50065007470.04Knicks at Nets
2/018:30 PM50085009470.0576ers at Mavericks
2/017:30 PM50105011470.06Raptors at Celtics
2/017:30 PM50165017470.09Pelicans at Pistons
2/017:00 PM50185019470.10Pacers at Magic
2/019:00 PM50205021470.11Bucks at Jazz
2/017:30 PM50225023470.12Hawks at Heat
2/0110:30 PM50245025470.13Hornets at Warriors
2/017:30 PM50265027470.14Hawks at Heat
2/017:00 PM50285029470.15Pacers at Magic
2/018:30 PM50325033470.1776ers at Mavericks
2/019:00 PM50365037470.19Grizzlies at Nuggets
2/017:30 PM50385039470.20Pelicans at Pistons
2/019:00 PM50425043470.22Grizzlies at Nuggets
2/019:00 PM50505051470.26Bucks at Jazz
2/0110:30 PM50525053470.27Hornets at Warriors
2/019:00 PM50545055470.28Clippers at Suns
2/019:00 PM50585059470.30Clippers at Suns
2/028:30 PM50085009470.0576ers at Spurs
2/027:00 PM50305031470.16Lakers at Wizards
2/028:30 PM50405041470.2176ers at Spurs
2/027:00 PM50565057470.29Lakers at Wizards
2/037:30 PM50045005470.03Pacers at Nets
2/037:00 PM50105011470.06Raptors at Magic
2/038:00 PM50125013470.07Bulls at Rockets
2/037:30 PM50165017470.09Timberwolves at Pistons
2/037:30 PM50185019470.10Pacers at Nets
2/039:00 PM50205021470.11Bucks at Nuggets
2/037:00 PM50285029470.15Raptors at Magic
2/038:00 PM50345035470.18Bulls at Rockets
2/038:00 PM50365037470.19Grizzlies at Thunder
2/039:00 PM50425043470.22Bucks at Nuggets
2/037:30 PM50445045470.23Timberwolves at Pistons
2/038:00 PM50465047470.24Grizzlies at Thunder
2/0310:30 PM50585059470.30Suns at Kings
2/0310:30 PM50605061470.31Suns at Kings
2/047:30 PM50085009470.0576ers at Heat
2/047:00 PM50165017470.09Pistons at Pacers
2/047:00 PM50185019470.10Pistons at Pacers
2/049:00 PM50205021470.11Bucks at Suns
2/047:00 PM50225023470.12Magic at Hawks
2/049:00 PM50245025470.13Hornets at Jazz
2/047:30 PM50265027470.1476ers at Heat
2/047:00 PM50285029470.15Magic at Hawks
2/047:00 PM50305031470.16Pelicans at Wizards
2/049:00 PM50365037470.19Grizzlies at Timberwolves
2/047:00 PM50385039470.20Pelicans at Wizards
2/049:00 PM50405041470.21Nuggets at Spurs
2/049:00 PM50425043470.22Nuggets at Spurs
2/049:00 PM50445045470.23Grizzlies at Timberwolves
2/049:00 PM50505051470.26Hornets at Jazz
2/0410:30 PM50525053470.27Warriors at Kings
2/049:00 PM50585059470.30Bucks at Suns
2/0410:30 PM50605061470.31Warriors at Kings
2/0512:00 PM50045005470.03Raptors at Nets
2/0512:00 PM50105011470.06Raptors at Nets
2/053:00 PM50465047470.24Trail Blazers at Thunder
2/053:00 PM50485049470.25Trail Blazers at Thunder
2/067:00 PM50065007470.04Lakers at Knicks
2/067:30 PM50085009470.0576ers at Pistons
2/067:30 PM50105011470.06Clippers at Raptors
2/0610:30 PM50125013470.07Bulls at Kings
2/067:30 PM50165017470.0976ers at Pistons
2/067:00 PM50185019470.10Thunder at Pacers
2/067:30 PM50225023470.12Jazz at Hawks
2/068:00 PM50265027470.14Heat at Timberwolves
2/069:00 PM50325033470.17Mavericks at Nuggets
2/068:00 PM50385039470.20Suns at Pelicans
2/069:00 PM50425043470.22Mavericks at Nuggets
2/068:00 PM50445045470.23Heat at Timberwolves
2/067:00 PM50465047470.24Thunder at Pacers
2/067:30 PM50505051470.26Jazz at Hawks
2/067:30 PM50545055470.28Clippers at Raptors
2/067:00 PM50565057470.29Lakers at Knicks
2/068:00 PM50585059470.30Suns at Pelicans
2/0610:30 PM50605061470.31Bulls at Kings
2/077:00 PM50045005470.03Nets at Hornets
2/077:00 PM50245025470.13Nets at Hornets
2/078:30 PM50325033470.17Trail Blazers at Mavericks
2/078:30 PM50485049470.25Trail Blazers at Mavericks
2/0810:30 PM50025003470.02Celtics at Kings
2/087:30 PM50045005470.03Wizards at Nets
2/087:00 PM50085009470.05Spurs at 76ers
2/088:00 PM50105011470.06Raptors at Timberwolves
2/087:00 PM50145015470.08Cavaliers at Pacers
2/087:30 PM50165017470.09Lakers at Pistons
2/087:00 PM50185019470.10Cavaliers at Pacers
2/088:00 PM50205021470.11Heat at Bucks
2/087:30 PM50225023470.12Nuggets at Hawks
2/088:00 PM50265027470.14Heat at Bucks
2/087:30 PM50305031470.16Wizards at Nets
2/088:00 PM50365037470.19Suns at Grizzlies
2/088:00 PM50385039470.20Jazz at Pelicans
2/087:00 PM50405041470.21Spurs at 76ers
2/087:30 PM50425043470.22Nuggets at Hawks
2/088:00 PM50445045470.23Raptors at Timberwolves
2/088:00 PM50505051470.26Jazz at Pelicans
2/087:30 PM50565057470.29Lakers at Pistons
2/088:00 PM50585059470.30Suns at Grizzlies
2/0810:30 PM50605061470.31Celtics at Kings
2/097:00 PM50085009470.0576ers at Magic
2/097:00 PM50245025470.13Rockets at Hornets
2/097:00 PM50285029470.1576ers at Magic
2/098:30 PM50325033470.17Jazz at Mavericks
2/097:00 PM50345035470.18Rockets at Hornets
2/098:30 PM50505051470.26Jazz at Mavericks
2/107:30 PM50045005470.03Heat at Nets
2/107:30 PM50065007470.04Nuggets at Knicks
2/107:30 PM50165017470.09Spurs at Pistons
2/108:00 PM50205021470.11Lakers at Bucks
2/1010:30 PM50225023470.12Hawks at Kings
2/107:30 PM50265027470.14Heat at Nets
2/108:00 PM50365037470.19Warriors at Grizzlies
2/108:00 PM50385039470.20Pelicans at Timberwolves
2/107:30 PM50405041470.21Spurs at Pistons
2/107:30 PM50425043470.22Nuggets at Knicks
2/108:00 PM50445045470.23Pelicans at Timberwolves
2/108:00 PM50525053470.27Warriors at Grizzlies
2/108:00 PM50565057470.29Lakers at Bucks
2/1010:30 PM50605061470.31Hawks at Kings
2/1110:00 PM50025003470.02Celtics at Jazz
2/117:30 PM50085009470.05Heat at 76ers
2/117:30 PM50145015470.08Nuggets at Cavaliers
2/117:00 PM50185019470.10Bucks at Pacers
2/117:00 PM50205021470.11Bucks at Pacers
2/115:00 PM50245025470.13Clippers at Hornets
2/117:30 PM50265027470.14Heat at 76ers
2/119:00 PM50285029470.15Magic at Mavericks
2/119:00 PM50325033470.17Magic at Mavericks
2/119:00 PM50345035470.18Suns at Rockets
2/117:30 PM50425043470.22Nuggets at Cavaliers
2/1110:00 PM50505051470.26Celtics at Jazz
2/115:00 PM50545055470.28Clippers at Hornets
2/119:00 PM50585059470.30Suns at Rockets
2/123:30 PM50125013470.07Bulls at Timberwolves
2/123:30 PM50445045470.23Bulls at Timberwolves
2/138:30 PM50025003470.02Celtics at Mavericks
2/137:30 PM50045005470.03Grizzlies at Nets
2/137:00 PM50085009470.0576ers at Hornets
2/138:00 PM50165017470.09Pistons at Bucks
2/137:00 PM50185019470.10Spurs at Pacers
2/138:00 PM50205021470.11Pistons at Bucks
2/137:00 PM50245025470.1376ers at Hornets
2/137:30 PM50265027470.14Magic at Heat
2/137:30 PM50285029470.15Magic at Heat
2/138:30 PM50325033470.17Celtics at Mavericks
2/137:30 PM50365037470.19Grizzlies at Nets
2/139:00 PM50385039470.20Pelicans at Suns
2/137:00 PM50405041470.21Spurs at Pacers
2/139:00 PM50425043470.22Warriors at Nuggets
2/139:00 PM50505051470.26Clippers at Jazz
2/139:00 PM50525053470.27Warriors at Nuggets
2/139:00 PM50545055470.28Clippers at Jazz
2/139:00 PM50585059470.30Pelicans at Suns
2/148:00 PM50105011470.06Raptors at Bulls
2/148:00 PM50125013470.07Raptors at Bulls
2/157:30 PM50025003470.0276ers at Celtics
2/157:30 PM50045005470.03Bucks at Nets
2/157:30 PM50085009470.0576ers at Celtics
2/157:30 PM50105011470.06Hornets at Raptors
2/157:30 PM50165017470.09Mavericks at Pistons
2/157:30 PM50205021470.11Bucks at Nets
2/1510:30 PM50225023470.12Hawks at Clippers
2/157:30 PM50245025470.13Hornets at Raptors
2/158:00 PM50265027470.14Heat at Rockets
2/157:00 PM50285029470.15Spurs at Magic
2/157:30 PM50325033470.17Mavericks at Pistons
2/158:00 PM50345035470.18Heat at Rockets
2/158:00 PM50365037470.19Pelicans at Grizzlies
2/158:00 PM50385039470.20Pelicans at Grizzlies
2/157:00 PM50405041470.21Spurs at Magic
2/159:00 PM50425043470.22Timberwolves at Nuggets
2/159:00 PM50445045470.23Timberwolves at Nuggets
2/159:00 PM50485049470.25Trail Blazers at Jazz
2/159:00 PM50505051470.26Trail Blazers at Jazz
2/1510:30 PM50525053470.27Kings at Warriors
2/1510:30 PM50545055470.28Hawks at Clippers
2/159:00 PM50565057470.29Lakers at Suns
2/159:00 PM50585059470.30Lakers at Suns
2/1510:30 PM50605061470.31Kings at Warriors
2/167:00 PM50185019470.10Wizards at Pacers
2/167:00 PM50305031470.16Wizards at Pacers
2/237:30 PM50165017470.09Hornets at Pistons
2/237:30 PM50245025470.13Hornets at Pistons
2/237:00 PM50285029470.15Trail Blazers at Magic
2/238:00 PM50345035470.18Rockets at Pelicans
2/238:00 PM50385039470.20Rockets at Pelicans
2/2310:30 PM50425043470.22Nuggets at Kings
2/237:00 PM50485049470.25Trail Blazers at Magic
2/2310:30 PM50605061470.31Nuggets at Kings
2/247:30 PM50025003470.02Celtics at Raptors
2/249:00 PM50045005470.03Nets at Nuggets
2/247:00 PM50085009470.05Wizards at 76ers
2/247:30 PM50105011470.06Celtics at Raptors
2/248:00 PM50125013470.07Suns at Bulls
2/247:00 PM50185019470.10Grizzlies at Pacers
2/248:00 PM50205021470.11Jazz at Bucks
2/248:00 PM50225023470.12Heat at Hawks
2/248:00 PM50265027470.14Heat at Hawks
2/247:00 PM50305031470.16Wizards at 76ers
2/247:00 PM50365037470.19Grizzlies at Pacers
2/249:00 PM50425043470.22Nets at Nuggets
2/248:00 PM50465047470.24Lakers at Thunder
2/248:00 PM50505051470.26Jazz at Bucks
2/248:00 PM50565057470.29Lakers at Thunder
2/248:00 PM50585059470.30Suns at Bulls
2/2510:30 PM50045005470.03Nets at Warriors
2/257:30 PM50065007470.0476ers at Knicks
2/257:30 PM50085009470.0576ers at Knicks
2/258:00 PM50185019470.10Pacers at Heat
2/257:00 PM50225023470.12Hawks at Magic
2/258:00 PM50265027470.14Pacers at Heat
2/257:00 PM50285029470.15Hawks at Magic
2/258:30 PM50325033470.17Pelicans at Mavericks
2/259:00 PM50345035470.18Timberwolves at Rockets
2/258:30 PM50385039470.20Pelicans at Mavericks
2/259:00 PM50445045470.23Timberwolves at Rockets
2/2510:30 PM50525053470.27Nets at Warriors
2/266:00 PM50025003470.02Celtics at Pistons
2/266:00 PM50105011470.06Trail Blazers at Raptors
2/266:00 PM50165017470.09Celtics at Pistons
2/265:00 PM50305031470.16Jazz at Wizards
2/265:00 PM50365037470.19Grizzlies at Nuggets
2/263:30 PM50405041470.21Spurs at Lakers
2/265:00 PM50425043470.22Grizzlies at Nuggets
2/266:00 PM50485049470.25Trail Blazers at Raptors
2/265:00 PM50505051470.26Jazz at Wizards
2/263:30 PM50565057470.29Spurs at Lakers
2/277:30 PM50025003470.02Hawks at Celtics
2/277:00 PM50085009470.05Warriors at 76ers
2/277:00 PM50145015470.08Bucks at Cavaliers
2/277:00 PM50205021470.11Bucks at Cavaliers
2/277:30 PM50225023470.12Hawks at Celtics
2/278:30 PM50265027470.14Heat at Mavericks
2/278:30 PM50325033470.17Heat at Mavericks
2/2710:30 PM50445045470.23Timberwolves at Kings
2/277:00 PM50525053470.27Warriors at 76ers
2/2710:30 PM50605061470.31Timberwolves at Kings
2/288:00 PM50125013470.07Nuggets at Bulls
2/287:30 PM50165017470.09Trail Blazers at Pistons
2/288:00 PM50365037470.19Suns at Grizzlies
2/288:00 PM50425043470.22Nuggets at Bulls
2/288:00 PM50465047470.24Jazz at Thunder
2/287:30 PM50485049470.25Trail Blazers at Pistons
2/288:00 PM50505051470.26Jazz at Thunder
2/288:00 PM50585059470.30Suns at Grizzlies

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Channels 5000-5061, Hopper® Channel 470

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