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DISH Hopper® + Google Assistant

Even better together.

Only DISH and Google Assistant gives you voice control of the Hopper.
It’s just another way DISH is Tuned In To You™.

“Ok Google, turn on my Hopper.”

“Hey Google, go to Channel 122.”

“Ok Google, show me Tom Hanks movies.”

“Hey Google, play The Big Bang Theory.”

“Hey Google, pause.”

“Hey Google, rewind.”

Learn more about voice commands

Requires internet-connected Hopper, Joey, Wally, and any Google Assistant-enabled device. Google Home and Google Home Mini are trademarks of Google LLC.

One. Two. Three. Control TV.

Family browsing the DISH menus on their wall-mounted TV

Link your Google Home or Google Home Mini to your Hopper, Wally®, or Joey®.


Enable DISH TV in the Google App.


Pair your internet-connected receiver with the Google Assistant.


Control your TV with your voice.


See the full process for integrating Google Assistant.

Google Home devices

All the Details

Technical Support

DISH Hopper receivers integrate with any Google Home device. See the system requirements, setup steps, and examples of voice commands you can give.

TV showing Netflix with a DISH Hopper 3 and voice remote

Hopper 3 Whole-Home DVR

The World's Most Powerful DVR

Get the power to turn any TV into a smart TV, the ability to record up to 16 shows at once, and more.