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Game Finder

Nail-biters have nowhere to hide. Game Finder gives you up-to-the-minute box scores and updates, and lets you tune in to live games sorted by excitement ratings provided by Thuuz™.

Game Finder on Your Hopper

DISH Game Finder app on a TV

Find the Most Exciting Games

Watch sports like a pro with Game Finder! View scores and stats across any sport and see which games are rated the most exciting by Thuuz™. Customize your experience by displaying only the sports and teams that matter to you.

Game Finder popup alert

Set Your Favorite Teams

Don’t want to miss your favorite team playing? With the Game Finder Hopper App, set your favorite teams to always record, tune to, and alert you when the game is about to start, so you never miss a kick-off.

4 Ways to Open Game Finder

From the Apps Bar

40.0 Remote:
Press the BLUE button
50.0 & 52.0 Remote:
Press the Apps button
54.0 Voice Remote:
Customize the Diamond button

Navigate the Menu

On your remote, press MENU once or HOME twice, then select Apps to find Game Finder.

Say What You Want

On the 50.0 or 54.0 Voice Remote, search Game Finder.

Straight to It

Open the Guide, then tune to channel 152.

Learn how to use Game Finder on your Hopper-family receiver

Search for Games

Search screen on a Hopper

Text Search

Quickly find the game you want to watch with your receiver’s Search feature.

Watch how to search for games on your non-Hopper-family receiver

Hey, I’m Nadine. There are a couple of ways you can easily find your game on your DISH ViP receiver. Let me show you.

The first is by browsing your guide. Look to channels 2 through 70 for sports on local networks, 140 through 159 for national sports, and 407 through 439 for regional sports. Channel availability depends on your programming subscription. View your customized channel lineup by downloading the MyDISH app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

You can also search for your game. Press the Search button on your remote, and then enter your team’s name. You can then choose a theme and sub-theme, if desired, to further filter results. Select “Get Results” and you’ll see a schedule of what’s coming up or currently in progress.

And that’s all there is to it!

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you next time!

DISH Game Finder app on a TV

Voice Search

Have a Hopper? Easily find your game with our Voice Remote by saying your team name, sport, or channel.

Learn more about the Voice Remote
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Game Finder app on a smartphone

Games on the Go

With the “Sports” feature on DISH Anywhere, catch the most exciting live and upcoming games even when you’re not at home. Set your favorite teams, watch or record specific games, and get the latest stats and scores updates, all right from your phone.

Learn how to find sports content on DISH Anywhere

Find Your Games Now


Is the game you want to watch showing as Blacked Out?

Here's why that might happen, and what you can do:

The game is blacked out in your area

Blackouts occur when one broadcaster’s rights to air an event override the rights of another broadcaster. For example, if ESPN buys the rights to air your home team’s game, the Regional Sports Network you usually watch might be blacked out in favor of the national ESPN channel.

The channel showing the game is not part of your DISH subscription

Some games, particularly ones played outside of your home team area, might not be included with a basic TV subscription. You can get access to these games by adding sports packages like Multi-Sport Pack or NBA League Pass.