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DISH Protect

Internet | Identity | Tech Support

DISH Protect is our best-in-class protection plan, designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your DISH service and identity restoration are covered – all for an incredible price.

Get even more value with additional options like advanced tech support, internet security, and a premium whole-home device protection plan!

The Power of Choice

DISH Protect offers options for varying levels of protection and technical support, so you can choose which plan is right for you.

DISH Protect Platinum

DISH Protect Platinum Includes…

  • DISH Home Protection Plan
  • Identity Restoration PRO
  • Internet Security Plus
  • DISH Protect Tech Advisor for Platinum
  • Premium Whole Home Device Protection Plan
DISH Protect Gold

DISH Protect Gold Includes…

  • DISH Home Protection Plan
  • Identity Restoration PRO
  • Internet Security Plus
  • DISH Protect Tech Advisor
DISH Protect Silver

DISH Protect Silver Includes…

  • DISH Home Protection Plan
  • Identity Restoration

¹ $10.99 monthly for customers with both DISH TV and internet services

Are You Protected?

In 2016, 15.4 million U.S. consumers were victims of identity theft. Internet data breaches exposed 37 million records across both the private and public sectors. Your information is out there – but it doesn’t have to fall into the wrong hands.

Identity Restoration

  • 24/7 identity restoration live support
  • Covers lost/stolen wallet, breached data, fraud and identity theft

With Identity Restoration PRO, you also get…

  • Online tools, the app, secure password storage, and breach alerts
  • Dark web proactive monitoring and alerts
  • Newsletters, digital wallet, and online education
powered by EZ Shield Identity Crime Protection

Internet Security Plus

  • Next-generation antivirus and cybersecurity protection
  • Advanced real-time threat protection for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices
  • 100% cloud-based protection guards against the latest malware, phishing, and cyber attacks
  • Runs silently in the background without interrupting or slowing your device
powered by Webroot

Help When You Need It

When your connected electronic devices start acting up, you don’t want to have to spend forever figuring out how to fix it. You want help right then and there. So talk to the experts at DISH Protect Tech Advisor – they can handle it. And if it’s an issue with your DISH equipment that we can’t solve, we’ll send a free replacement or a technician to your home for just $10.

DISH Protect Tech Advisor

  • One-click access to a U.S.-based expert to help solve issues with any entertainment device, service, or app in your home – almost anytime you need it

With DISH Protect Tech Advisor for Platinum, you also get…

  • Support and troubleshooting for ALL connected devices including TVs, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, routers, home theater, gaming systems, thermostats, cameras, smartphones, and home automation
  • Experts who can help pilot you through issues with almost any service or app
Download the DISH Protect app:
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DISH Home Protection Plan

  • Discounted technician visits for your DISH service
  • Free shipping on all return authorizations for DISH equipment

Premium Whole Home Device Protection Plan

  • Covers repair or replacement of your entertainment, gaming, and home computing products to give you peace of mind
  • Eligible products include TVs, PCs, tablets, gaming systems, home theater systems, routers, external hard drives, and universal remote controls (excludes smartphones)
  • Device Protection coverage begins 30 days after enrollment:
    • Operational failure of your covered product
    • Mechanical and/or electrical failure of your product caused by failures due to normal wear and tear, dust heat and humidity, power surge, and defects in materials and workmanship
    • Claims require a service fee of $50.00
    • Coverage does not include smartphones, pre-existing conditions, accidental damage, and other exclusions (for a full list see terms and conditions)

Already Have DISH Protect?

Visit our DISH Protect Support page for coverage details and to download your software and mobile apps.

All packages, programming, features, and functionality are subject to change without notice. For business customers, additional monthly fees may apply. DISH Protect plans are not available to all DISH subscribers, please contact us to determine whether you qualify.

Each tier of DISH Protect consists of a bundle of separate third-party products and services, each of which is provided directly to you by a different service provider. Each service is distinct and has its own terms and conditions, which may include, among other things, binding arbitration agreements, jury waivers, provisions relating to termination of service, and limitations of liability. By subscribing to a DISH Protect plan, you understand you are required to agree to the terms and conditions established by each third-party service provider if you wish to receive their applicable services, and you must also acknowledge that you have read such terms and conditions. In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or disagreement arising from or relating to a particular service (or your use of a particular service) provided as part of DISH Protect, the terms and conditions applicable to the particular service will govern the resolution of any such dispute, claim, question or disagreement between you and the third-party service provider, and you agree that you must look solely to the applicable third-party service provider to resolve any such dispute, claim, question or disagreement.

DISH Home Protection Plan Terms and Conditions
EZShield Terms and Conditions
Webroot Terms and Conditions
DISH Protect Tech Advisor Terms and Conditions - Gold
DISH Protect Tech Advisor Terms and Conditions - Platinum
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