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DISH Movie Pack

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DISH Movie Pack: 15 Movie Channels for $10 per month
Get access to 15 movie channels, including MGM HD, Sony Movie Channel, and more. Watch anytime and anywhere with On Demand and DISH Anywhere™.

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The Contender, on EPIX

The Contender


Sixteen fighters will have their skills, strength, and endurance pushed to the limit while they live and train together – and fight each other in the ring.

The Contender gives a unique insight into the life of a fighter – in and out of the ring.

Channels 380-382 | On Demand | DISH Anywhere

Included Channels

HDNet Movies

Channel 130 HDSD

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Channel 187 HDSD

Crime & Investigation Network

Crime & Investigation Network

Channel 249 HD

Starz Encore Suspense

Channel 344 SD

Starz Kids and Family

Channel 356 HDSD

MTV Live

Channel 369 HD


Channel 377 SD


Channel 378 HD


Channel 379 HD


Channel 380 HDSD


Channel 381 HDSD


Channel 382 HDSD

FOX Movie Channel

Channel 384 HDSD


Channel 385 HD

Sony Movie Channel

Channel 386 HDSD


Channel 388 HDSD

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