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Your new redesigned bill is here.

TV should always be simple and effortless. That's why we redesigned your monthly bill with you in mind and made it even easier to understand.

Front of Bill

front page of new DISH bill

Past Due Balance

Balance due immediately to avoid additional fees or service interruption.


Remaining Balance

Charges for the new bill cycle. This balance is due on your due date.


Due Date

Due date for remaining balance only. If past due balance is listed, this date does not apply to that balance.


Total Amount Due

The total of any past due charges plus any remaining balance.

Back of Bill

back page of new DISH bill

Account Details & Services

Itemized balances and charges for the services you're subscribed to.


About Your Bill

Detailed information about your billing cycle and payment processing.


Walk-in Payment Locations

Information on walk-in locations you can use to pay in cash.


Manage Your Account

Update your account preferences and programming at