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Want HD? Only DISH Offers HD With All Mobile Satellite TV Antennas.

HD offered with mobile satellite antennas

Fast and Easy Setup. Start Watching Live HD TV In Minutes.

Fast and Easy Setup

Only DISH Offers HD Mobile Antennas at the Best Prices.

Mobile Antennas

SiriusXM Music Channels Included At No Additional Cost.

SiriusXM Music Channels


Enjoy your same channels in HD from home when you're on the go. In order to watch hd tv outside of the home, follow these simple steps:

  • step1

    Purchase a DISH-compatible mobile satellite TV antenna.

  • step2

    Purchase or use a DISH HD receiver from home that is compatible with your antenna.

  • step3

    Subscribe to DISH HD programming or use your current DISH home subscription.

Many DISH-compatible mobile satellite antennas automatically locate and point to DISH satellites so you don't have to worry about pointing an antenna. Most DISH mobile antennas just require that you pick your state using the remote, and you can start watching live HD TV in minutes.


Current subscribers can add Outdoor TV Equipment for just $7 month*.You can also use current active compatible receivers on your account as long as they are paired with a compatible DISH mobile satellite antenna (see antenna details below).

HD Receiver fee - applies to each Solo HD receiver model activated on account.

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In order to watch DISH programming you must have a DISH compatible antenna and a compatible DISH receiver.

Antennas for 1 HD TV.

DISH Pathway X1 Portable Antenna

Pathway® X1 Portable Automatic Antenna.

The smallest portable automatic antenna in the market! The Pathway X1 requires minimal space, making it super easy to take with you wherever you go! Optional permanent roof mount kit sold separately. It is compatible with the Solo HD receiver family (models 411, ViP® 211, 211k, and 211z).

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Get the Tailgater from DISH

Tailgater® Portable Automatic Antenna.

Small, portable and automatic! The Tailgater lets you take your HD TV with you wherever you go! It is compatible with the Solo HD receiver family (models 411, ViP® 211, 211k, and 211z).

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Relay Rooftop Automatic Antenna

Relay® Rooftop Automatic Antenna.

All of the same great features as the Tailgater antenna but in a traditional roof mounted dome designed for permanent installation. It is compatible with the Solo HD receiver family (models 411, ViP® 211, 211k, and 211z).

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Antenna for 2 HD TVs.

Pathway X2 Portable Automatic Antennas

Pathway® X2 Portable Automatic Antennas.

The Pathway X2 lets you watch two independent HD channels on two different HD TVs at the same time. The only DISH-approved fully automatic portable satellite system that delivers two-receiver capability. It is compatible with the Solo HD receiver family (models 411, ViP® 211, 211k, and 211z).

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Trav'ler Rooftop Automatic Antenna

Trav'ler® Rooftop Automatic Antenna.

The Trav'ler Antenna is the only automatic HD antenna that allows subscribers to enjoy a multi-viewing (1+ TVs) experience with any DISH receiver, including the Hopper!

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DISH 1000 Tripod Portable Manual Antenna

DISH 1000 Tripod Portable Manual Antenna (TR-6100).

The DISH 1000 tripod is your all-in-one DISH outdoor TV solution. Like the Trav'ler, the tripod provides a multi-viewing (1+ TVs) HD experience with any DISH receiver, including the Hopper! The tripod is a manually pointed antenna solution.

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If you already have a DISH compatible satellite antenna, all you need is a DISH receiver! Not sure if your antenna is compatible with DISH programming? Call an RV specialist at 1-800-970-9021 to find out!

DISH Solo HD Receiver

DISH Solo HD Receiver (ViP 211z).

Most of the DISH recommended mobile antennas are solely compatible with a DISH Solo HD Receiver (models 411, ViP® 211, 211k, and 211z). The DISH ViP®211z is a high-definition (HD), single-tuner satellite receiver that is perfect for mobile use and is compatible with all mobile satellite antennas. It also supports optional Pay-As-You-Go TV programming. Its compact design (2"h x 12.9'w x 8.9"d) is perfect for applications where there is limited space in an RV. It supports one TV in high-definition (HD) or standard-definition (SD).

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Many of the DISH-compatible mobile satellite antenna solutions are easily self-installed. However, if you do need assistance, our dedicated DISH Outdoors sales agents are able to recommend installation solutions by calling 1-800-970-9021. Also, most DISH products can be purchased and installed through your local Camping World store (www.campingworld.com).



Mobile Satellite TV Equipment


Initial setup time may take longer as receiver requires activation. Most domed satellite antennas only operate in Ku-band frequency and only support HD viewing with DISH service. SiriusXM music channels require subscription to America's top 120 programming package or higher.

HD viewing requires subscription to HD programming package. Monthly fees and limits on number and type of receiver will apply. All prices, packages, programming, features, functionality, and offers subject to change without notice. Offer available to current customers, and subject to terms of applicable Promotional and residential customer agreements. State reimbursement charges may apply. Additional restrictions may apply.

Some channels, including DISHLatino and international programming, RTN, local channels and Regional Sports network(s) are subject to availability based on your geographical location.