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After physically connecting the Wi-Fi Broadband Connector to the receiver, follow these instructions to properly configure

Configure Wi-Fi Broadband Connector

1.After connecting the Wi-Fi Broadband Connector to the receiver, "Attention 396" will display automatically. Select "Setup."


2.Select the desired wireless network (from the list on the "SSID Scan" screen) and select "Done"


3.Enter wireless network password (WEP or WPA encryption key) and select "Done"


4.The receiver will complete a network connection test

  1. If the test fails, select "Done" to re-enter the desired wireless network, and network password. If the problem persists, visit to troubleshoot.

  2. If the test is successful, select "Done" to display "Information 397"


5."Information 397" will display signal strength. If it is not above 40, move the Wi-Fi Broadband Connector to achieve stronger signal. Use the USB extension cable if needed. Select "OK."


Test Wi-Fi Broadband Connection

1.Press the MENU button on the remote

2.Select "System Setup"

3.Select "Installation"

4.Select "Broadband Setup"

5.Select "Wireless Setup"

6.Select "Test Connection"


7.An information pop-up will advise the user of the connection status

  1. If the connection has failed, visit to troubleshoot

  2. If the receiver is connected, select "Done"