By Slinging Device

   922Sling AdapterSlingbox - Pro HD
User Experience - What the Sling User Can Do

1View - Live TVxxx

2View - DVRxxx

3View - PPV


4View - VOD


5Set, Edit, Delete Timersxxx

6All Menu Functions

User Experience - How the Non-Sling User Is Impacted

7Watching in Single Mode - No PIPNot ImpactedNot ImpactedMirrored

8Watching in Single Mode - PIPPiP is DisabledPiP is DisabledMirrored

9Watching in Dual Mode - TV1Not ImpactedNot ImpactedMirrored

10Watching in Dual Mode - TV2TV2/Sling MirroredSees Screen SaverNot Impacted
Sling Viewing Compatibility


13DISH Appxx

14Sling App

Upload/Download Speed Requirements

15Tablet/Smartphone - High Quality (HQ)500 kbps500 kbps500 kbps

16Tablet/Smartphone - Standard Quality (SQ)250 kbps250 kbps250 kbps

17Computer - High Definition (HD)4 Mbps4 Mbps4 Mbps

18Computer - Standard Definition (SD)800 kbps800 kbps800 kbps