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When an event conflict occurs, your DVR will not record all of the Scheduled Events. There are two methods used to resolve event conflicts.

Method 1: While Creating A Timer Using Future Program

1.After a new timer is created, "Attention 532" will display if two or more future events cannot be recorded because they are on at the same time.

2.Resolve the conflict by EITHER:

Skip recording the event: Current timer priority will be kept. Select "OK" to finish.


Highlighting "Change the priority of this timer" and pressing the SELECT button


3.Select "OK"

4.Select "Timers"

5.Select "Set Priority"

6.Highlight the new timer and press the SELECT button

7.Change the timer priority using EITHER:

The on-screen options "Move Up," "Move Down," "Move to Top," "Move to Bottom"


The CHANNEL / buttons on the remote

8.Select "Done"

Method 2: While Creating Timer Using A Live Event

1.Press the RECORD button from Live TV or Guide

The "Conflict" screen should display if there is a conflict with a future scheduled event

2.To skip the future scheduled events that are listed, select "Yes." Otherwise, select "Cancel" to stop your live recording.