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After physically connecting the Powerline Phone Connector into an electrical outlet, follow these instructions to properly configure

Configure Powerline Phone Connector

1.Press the MENU button on the remote
2.Select "Settings"
3.Select "DishCOMM" 
4.The receiver will send a signal via the electrical wiring in the home

  1. If a Powerline Phone Connector does not respond, the "DishCOMM" screen will only display the current receiver.

  2. If a Powerline Phone Connector responds, the "DishCOMM" screen will display the receiver and any Powerline Phone Connectors

5.Receivers on the same account with a Powerline Phone Connector built in will also respond, and are added automatically. Select "Save."

Test Powerline Phone Connection

1.Press the MENU button on the remote
2.Select "Settings"
3.Select "DishCOMM"
4.Select "Test"

5.The receiver will test the connection to and from other Powerline Phone Connectors. Results are displayed in the "Local" (To), and "Remote" (From) fields.

Test ResultSpeed
None<1 Mbps
Poor1 Mbps
Good2-7 Mbps
Exlt8-12 Mbps

  1. If the connection has failed, the Local/Remote (To/From) field will display "None (00)."

  2. If the Powerline Phone Connector is connected, select "Save"