Team Maps
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MLB Patterns and Teams

You will receive the team listed if you live in the dark gray shaded area and subscribe to America's Top 120+ or higher.

Oakland A's
Los Angeles Dodgers
Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels
San Francisco Giants
Boston Red Sox
Houston Astros
Cleveland Indians
Cincinnati Reds
Atlanta Braves
Seattle Mariners
Colorado Rockies
Atlanta Braves - WPCH
Seattle Mariners 2
Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers
Miami Marlins
Kansas City Royals 2
Milwaukee Brewers 2
New York Mets
Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Cardinals
Washington Nationals
Minnesota Twins
Chicago Cubs
Washington Nationals - WDCA
Minnesota Twins 2
Tampa Bay Rays
Baltimore Orioles
Chicago White Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks
Pittsburgh Pirates