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There's more to DISH than meets the eye. Connect your HD DVR1 to the Internet and gain access to movies, premium content and thousands of free shows On Demand!



By connecting your receiver to broadband, you automatically add a long list of free content to your subscription. It’s like your backstage pass to the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, with behind-the-scenes videos, bonus features, movie previews and so much more. Here’s how:
  1. Check your broadband connection to ensure it is up and running
  2. Visit /support/products/hopper/how-to/pair for step-by-step instructions on how to connect your receiver
  3. Sit back and begin enjoying all of the incredible features waiting to be accessed


TV Shows & Movies
When you connect your HD DVR to broadband, many networks give you added special content you can’t get anywhere else. Watch full seasons, catch up on the best shows, and get extra behind the scenes interviews with the biggest stars.

Blockbuster @Home™
With a Blockbuster @Home subscription and broadband Internet connection, stream thousands of Hollywood movies to your TV or laptop.

Premium Channels
If premium channels are part of your package, just wait until you connect to broadband Internet! You'll have complete access to a long list of additional offerings from HBO®, Cinemax® and STARZ®.


DISH Cinema
When you get connected, you can order DISH Cinema movies to watch without hassles, lines or late fees! DISH Cinema lets you rent the best movies to watch On Demand.


DISH Anywhere
DISH Anywhere opens up a world of entertainment right on your computer. When you log on to DISH Anywhere, you'll be greeted by over 20,000 titles and have the added convenience of being able to schedule DVR recordings.

DISH Anywhere App
There's no need to fall behind on your favorite programs just because you're away from home. The DISH Anywhere app lets you take your entire subscription with you on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

TV Everywhere Technology™
Add TV Everywhere Technology powered by Sling, and take your entire subscription - including TV - with you on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Manage Your Account
When you’re connected, simply use your remote to access customer support, 24/7 bill pay, and to make changes to your subscription on DISH 100* Interactive Channel.
Some features may not be available if you are billed by a third party.

*Not available on the Hopper and Joey.

The best seats in the house are just a click away - from boxing to mixed martial arts, wrestling to racing. Easily access and order your favorite Pay-Per-View events using your remote control after you have connected your HD DVR to the Internet..


Visit for step-by-step information on how to get connected or call 1-800-333-DISH TODAY!

If you are billed for DISH services by a third-party provider, you may not have access to all features

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