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Bits (Speed)

A bit is the smallest unit of digital information expressed as either a 0 or 1.
A bit is represented with a lower case "b".
Data speeds are expressed in bits per second.

Bit Per Second-bps
Kilobit Per Seconda thousand bits per secondkbps
Megabit Per Seconda million bits per secondMbps
Gigabit Per Seconda billion bits per secondGbps

Sample SpeedSpeed
Required to Sling High Quality (HQ) video to Tablet/Smartphone 500 kbps
Required to Sling Standard Quality (SQ) video to Tablet/Smartphone 250 kbps
Required to Sling High Definition (HD) video to Computer4 Mbps
Required to Sling Standard Definition (SD) video to Computer 800 kbps
Required to watch High Definition (HD) video on dishanywhere.com4 Mbps
Required to watch Standard Definition (SD) video on dishanywhere.com800 kbps
Recommended to download IP VOD to receiver 2 Mbps
Maximum download speed for dishNET Silver 512 kbps
Maximum upload speed for dishNET Silver128 kbps
Maximum download speed for dishNET Gold1 Mbps
Maximum upload speed for dishNET Gold200 kbps
Maximum download speed for dishNET Platinum/Sterling1.5 Mbps
Maximum upload speed for dishNET Platinum/Sterling256 kbps
Maximum download speed for dishNET SB2A 10G/15G/25G5 Mbps
Maximum upload speed for dishNET SB2A 10G/15G/25G1 Mbps
Maximum download speed for dishNET SB2V 10G/15G/25G12 Mbps
Maximum upload speed for dishNET SB2V 10G/15G/25G3 Mbps

Bytes (Size)

A byte is equal to 8 bits. 
A byte is represented with an upper case "B".
File sizes are expressed in bytes.

Kilobytea thousand byteskB
Megabytea million bytesMB
Gigabytea billion bytesGB
Terabytea trillion bytesTB

 Sample SizesSize
One hour of low-action 1 SD content in MPEG2 on DVR600 MB
One hour of low-action 1 SD content in MPEG4 on DVR400 MB
One hour of low-action 1 HD content in MPEG4 on DVR1.1 GB
One hour of high-action 2 SD content in MPEG2 on DVR1.7 GB
One hour of high-action 2 SD content in MPEG4 on DVR800 MB
One hour of high-action 2 HD content in MPEG4 on DVR2.2 GB
dishNET Silver maximum monthly download7.5 GB
dishNET Silver maximum monthly upload2.3 GB
dishNET Gold maximum monthly download12 GB
dishNET Gold maximum monthly upload3 GB
dishNET Platinum maximum monthly download17 GB
dishNET Platinum maximum monthly upload5 GB
dishNET 10G maximum monthly upload+download10 GB
dishNET 15G maximum monthly upload+download15 GB
dishNET 25G maximum monthly upload+download25 GB

1 News, Cartoons, etc.
2 Sports, Action Movies, etc.