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Digital Rights Management is a method of controlling access to copyrighted material such as movies. In an effort to prevent piracy, industry standards now require all pay TV companies to apply specific content protection to movies including HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) and limited recording.

Limited Recording (Limited Playback)

Limited recording restricts the amount of time in which you can play back a Pay-Per-View movie recorded to your DVR. Once you begin to view a movie with limited recording you will have only 24 hours to view the movie as many times as you would like. After the 24-hour time period you will no longer be able to view the movie on your DVR; if you try to watch it you will be prompted to delete the movie.

When ordering through Pay-Per-View, Video On Demand or DISHOnline a message will appear on movies that are subject to limited recording.



High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection is a form of digital copy protection that was developed to protect content as it travels across digital connections. As such, DISH Network and other pay TV providers have been required to activate HDCP on every receiver. With these new requirements, your TV and digital video connection to your TV must be HDCP-capable in order to view Pay-Per-View, Video On Demand and DISHOnline content through a digital connection.

To verify that you have HDCP-capable equipment, press the Menu button on your remote, then select ‘System Setup’


‘System Info’ 

and ‘Next’. 

Verify that ‘Digital Connection’ displays ‘Yes’. If not, then your connection is not digital. You will have a digital connection if you have a digital cable (HDMI or DVI) running from your TV to your receiver.

When a program has HDCP, you will be able to make one copy (analog or digital) of a program that airs. For example, if you have a DISH DVR, you can record a show to the DVR but would not be able to record that same show to a DVD recorder.