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DISH Explorer is an app that expands the functionality of the Hopper by allowing customers to:

  • Discover popular and trending shows and events, across hundreds of live-TV channels, DVR recordings and on-demand programs.
  • Engage with fans of the same show over Twitter and Facebook using the iPad
  • Control the Hopper from an iPad, including channel guide navigation and DVR management.
  • Search live TV, DVR and on-demand programs using the iPad's keyboard instead of the remote control.

Download and Set Up the Free App

1.Download the DISH Explorer application from iTunes.
2.Tap on the Settings icon on the iPad.
3.Tap on Facebook/Twitter on left navigation bar and sign in to each.
4.Authenticate Twitter by switching the selection under "Allow These Apps to Use Your Account" from OFF to ON. Facebook authentication will take place when you log into Facebook from a computer.

Link the App to Your Hopper

1.Launch the app from your iPad.
2.Select the Hopper you wish to have paired and press PAIR.
3.Enter the 6-digit code shown on your TV screen and press CONTINUE.
4.If you have already completed the steps above to connect to Facebook and Twitter, press SKIP. If not, do so now.

Pair with Joey Location

The DISH Explorer app works with Hoppers and Joeys. To switch the receiver controlled by the app, make sure bridging is enabled and follow the steps below:

1.Tap on the indicator that's listed with the name of the receiver.
2.Tap on the receiver you would like to use with the app and the new receiver will display on the indicator.

Use Scrub and Seek Bar

1.Drag the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to access live TV controls.
2.Use the control bar to pause, jump forward and back, and to control the volume.

*Note: The Hopper remote must be programmed to the TV in order to control the volume with DISH Explorer.

Use Filters to Navigate and Play Content

1.Select a filter from the upper navigation:
  • What's Hot: Popular shows
    • Most Watched: The most watched shows on DISH
    • Social Buzz: Shows people are talking about on Twitter
    • Friend's Faves: Shows your friends like on Facebook
    • My Likes: Shows you Like on Facebook
  • Guide: All shows in the guide
    • All
    • Shows
    • Movies
    • Sports
    • Favorites
2.Select a filter from the lower navigation:
  • Now: Shows on now
  • Next: Upcoming shows
  • Primetime: Shows on during primetime
  • Today: Shows on today
3.Content will load based on the filters selected. Press the icon of the show you wish to view.
4.Select the play icon to begin playing on your TV.
5.You iPad will display live Twitter feeds and a rotating info stream related to what you are watching.

Use Recommendations Tab

1.DISH Explorer will now recommend you shows based off what you have been watching.

Select Favorite Stations

1.Press the heart icon next to the station name.
2.The heart icon will glow white.
3.View favorite content by using the Favorites filter.

View Shows You Might Like

1.Launch the app from your iPad.
2.Select a show you would like to watch.
3.Other shows you may be interested in will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Like Shows from Guide

1.Press the Guide button in the upper navigation.
2.Select the show you want to like.
3.Select More under the show description.
4.Press the thumbs up icon to like the show.
5.The thumbs up icon will turn orange.

Post to Facebook and Twitter

1.Select the program you would like to play.
2.Press the play icon.
3.Press the share icon.
4.Type what you would like to post, then press Post.