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The Backup feature allows you to back up your receiver settings to your remote or your remote settings to your receiver. This can be very helpful if you need to replace a remote or receiver in the future and do not want to reconfigure your settings. Settings will only be saved as of right now. If you make changes to settings you will have to repeat this process to ensure the new settings are saved.

1.Verify that the remote has direct line of sight and is within 10 feet of the receiver. The remote will need to be directed toward the receiver for the duration of the System Wizard setup.

2.Press and hold the number 0 until the pop-up 380 displays on the screen


3.Verify that the "System Wizard" screen says the remote is configured properly


4.Select "Advanced" on the screen


5.Select "Backup My Settings Now"


6.Select "Next"


7.Select the type of backup to be performed:

  1. Full system backup (receiver and remote settings)
  2. Back up receiver settings
  3. Back up remote settings


8.Select "Next" twice to initiate data transfer. Maintain unobstructed line of sight while the green progress bar fills.


9.Select "Continue" to resume programming