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There are four methods to navigate using channels:

Method 1: Using Number Buttons

1.Type a channel number

Method 2: Using Channel up/down

1.Press the CHANNEL up / down button

Method 3: Using Program Guide

1.Press the GUIDE button

2.Highlight the desired channel using EITHER:

The NUMBER buttons


The PAGE up/down and CHANNEL up/down buttons


3.Press the SELECT button

3a.Hopper/Joey: To expand the channel range press the SELECT button again

Select the Blue button on a channel within the range to collapse again

Method 4: Using Browse Button

1.Press the BROWSE button to bring up a single row of the program guide at the bottom of your screen

2.Highlight the desired channel using EITHER

The NUMBER buttons


the CHANNEL up/down buttons

3.Select the desired channel using EITHER:

The SELECT button


The PIP button to bring the selected channel into the PIP window