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See how DISH provides industry-leading value, service and technology.


DISH is committed to bringing you the best value for your TV service. DirecTV and Comcast charge you more for less. DISH has the most programming options to help you find the right package to meet your needs.
Industry-Leading Value
Comparable Package America's Top 200 XTRA DIGITAL PREFERRED
     # of Channels 236 195 184
     Monthly Price 74.99 77.99 89.491
Whole Home DVR Fee 12.00 15.00 19.99
2 TVs 7.00 13.00 9.99
Regional Sports Fee 0.00 5.641 1.001
Local Channels Fee 0.00 0.00 3.50
1 Price varies by market

Industry-Leading Service
DISH has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau2
Amercian Customer Satisfaction Index 3
Lowest Complaints 1st not first not first
Best Website ( 1st not first not first
2 BBB rating as of 04/27/2015
3 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index for Subscription TV Service


Even with the fewest customer complaints in the industry, DISH continues to work towards improving the customer experience.


DISH leads the industry when it comes to innovation. Only the Hopper® gives you the power to record up to 6 different shows at the same time, store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite shows and instantly skip commercials. Only the Hopper lets you control how and when you watch TV.
Industry-Leading Technology
Comparable Technology Hopper® with Sling® Genie® X1 Entertainment Operating System®
Number of channels that can be recorded at once 64 5 4
Hard drive capacity 2.0TB 1.0TB 0.5TB
Winner of 27 industry awards - -
4 When recording ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX and 2 additional channels.





DISH Perks

Only DISH gives its customers month-long free previews of our best channels. DISH Perks gives you all the extras, for nothing extra.

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More Channels For Less

In comparable packages, DISH customers save nearly 50% per channel compared to the competition. DISH continues to give you more for less.

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Award-Winning Technology

DISH offers you the best in DVR technology, as awarded by Popular Mechanic and CNET.

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Best Sports

DISH offers the best comprehensive sports package in the industry with our Multi-Sport Pack for only $13/month. It gives you access to Pac-12 Networks, Universal Sports Network, NBA TV and NHL Network, Big Ten Network plus 30 other sporting channels.

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Get all your favorite music for less with over 70 Sirius XM channels on DISH.

Most HD Channels

DISH offers the most national HD channels – over 200! DIRECTV only offers 170. See why we continue to be the clear choice for HD.

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