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WeatherNation - 215

Tue, 04/21/15 - Tue, 06/02/2015
Always available in America's Top 120

WeatherNation is 100% dedicated to national, regional and local severe weather news 24/7/365 from a team of certified meteorologists. Get the day’s top weather stories starting at the top of the hour and again every 20 minutes. We provide you with regional weather coverage including current, short, long range forecasts and more.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – 187

Thu 04/02/15 – Tue 05/05/15
Always available in America's Top 250, Blockbuster @Home, Heartland, Smart Pack

All of your favorite mystery detectives are on the case in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries new Mystery Movie Series’ starting Saturday, April 4 9/8c!

World Fishing Network – 394

Thu 04/02/15 – Tue 05/05/15
Always available in Blockbuster @Home, Outdoor Sports Pack, America’s Everything Pack

World Fishing Network is a multi-platform brand that shares in every angler’s passion and adventure for fishing. As the leading entertainment destination and digital resource for anglers throughout North America, WFN distributes diverse, engaging content to fishing and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts.

Sportsman Channel – 395

Thu 04/02/15 – Tue 05/05/15
Always available in America's Top 250, Outdoor Sports Pack

Sportsman Channel is a television and digital media company fully devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans. Sportsman Channel delivers entertaining and informative programming that showcases outdoor adventure, hunting and fishing, and illustrates it through unique and authentic storytelling. Sportsman Channel embraces the attitude of “Red, Wild & Blue America” – where the American Spirit and Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure.

SundanceTV – 126

Thu 04/02/15 – Tue 05/12/15
Always available in America's Top 200

SundanceTV is making and celebrating television as distinctive as the best independent films. Working with today’s most remarkable talent, SundanceTV is attracting viewer and critical acclaim for its original scripted and unscripted series.

Destination America

Thu 04/02/15 – Tue 05/05/15
Always available in America's Top 250

Destination America is the only network to celebrate the people, places, and stories of the United States. Emblazoning television screens with the grit and tenacity, honesty and work ethic, humor and adventurousness that characterize our nation. Destination America features travel, food, adventure, home, and natural history.

OutsideTV – 390

Thu 04/02/15 – Tue 05/05/15
Always available in Multi-Sport Pack

Outside Television is a network dedicated to the active outside lifestyle and the more than 141 million Americans who regularly participate. Outside Television embraces running, biking, skiing, sailing, surfing, kayaking and any other adventures involving wind, water, snow and terrain; as well as the full spectrum of people's lives who engage in them.

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