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Game Show Network - 116

Thu, 08/07/14 - Tue, 09/02/14
Always available in America's Top 200

GSN is the network dedicated to games. Its original series include The American Bible Challenge, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy and The Chase as well as brand new series like Skin Wars hosted by Rebecca Romijn and It Takes a Church hosted by Natalie Grant. The network also airs popular favorites such as Family Feud with Steve Harvey and The Newlywed Game with Sherri Shepherd.

Science Channel - 193

Thu, 08/07/14 - Tue, 09/02/14
Always available in America's Top 200

Science Channel immerses viewers in the incredible possibilities of science, from string theory and futuristic cities to accidental discoveries and outrageous inventions. We take things apart, peer inside and put things together in new and unexpected ways. We celebrate the trials, errors and brinking moments that change our lives forever.

Pivot - 197

Thu, 08/07/14 - Tue, 09/02/14
Always available in America's Top 120 Plus

Pivot TV, a new TV network where what you watch does make a difference. We've got all the usual stuff like original shows, movies and docs, but we've also got a little something more. When you watch Pivot TV, you won't just be entertained. You can also take action on the issues raised in our content. The chance to do something about it will be right there on the screen, or just inside the next commercial break. So go ahead and pivot. You might just be able to make a meaningful difference in the world. Pivot TV: It's Your Turn.

Discovery Familia - 853

Thu, 08/07/14 - Tue, 09/02/14
Always available in Latino Clasico

Discovery Familia is the only Spanish-language network dedicated to Hispanic moms and their preschool kids. During the day, the channel provides entertaining, curriculum-based programming for kids 2-6, and in the evening, its programming is dedicated to women and the various aspects of her life, such as parenting, home, health and beauty.


Tennis Channel - 400

Thu, 08/21/14 - Sun, 09/07/14
Always available in Always available in America's Top 250

Tennis Channel is the only television network dedicated to both the professional sport and lifestyle of tennis, the fastest growing major sport in the US. With 2,500 live hours, Tennis Channel is the singular destination for tennis.

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