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TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice

Now Available on DISH Pay-Per-View

Pain, suffering, agony, these words mean nothing to the fearless men who strive for gold under the most physically challenging conditions that defy reason. Join the stars of TNA Wrestling as they prove once again, why they are simply the best when it comes to putting life and limb on the line. TNA Wrestling presents ONE NIGHT ONLY: HARDCORE JUSTICE 2015 premiering Wednesday April 1, 8/7c on Pay-Per-View.

Channel: 455-469
Price: $14.99

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TNA Legends: Shaq, Chris Rock, ICP

Now Available on DISH Pay-Per-View

Worlds collide as celebrities battle in pro wrestling! Join us for a look back at memorable moments featuring some of the biggest names in entertainment as TNA Wrestling Presents LEGENDS: SHAQ, CHRIS ROCK, ICP on Pay-Per-View.

Channels: 455-469 | Price: $4.99

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